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Finding your Irish roots is a journey like no other!

Hi! Thanks for visiting the store and site! I'm Nancy. Your Life of Riley is the product of several of my greatest passions: my family, design, photography, and all things IRISH.  I'm a full-time writer, part-time graphic designer, and photography NUT. There isn't a subject I love more than Ireland. 

My family is full of Irish roots from the Rileys of Cavan to the Gallaghers from Mayo and Donegal, the Healys, Cashmans, and Lynchs in Cork, and the Dobbins of Limerick and Kilkenny. I made my first visit to Ireland in 2017. It has become a frequent journey. You might call Ireland my mistress but for the fact that it feels like HOME. 

I've spent years designing everything from book covers to promotional merchandise and logos. I'm seldom without a camera when traveling or hiking. And I'm always on the prowl for a terrific Irish t-shirt, Christmas ornament, or poster. After loads of encouragement, I decided to offer my work to others. I hope you enjoy browsing the site. Feel free to reach out if there is something you have been searching for and can't locate!

Everything here is a love letter to my family. 

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